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Audio alerts no longer working

By Keithb - 7/27/2021 12:56:50 AM

Hello, I'm running SD on a Nexus 7 with android version 4.4.4 and have noticed on recent flights that I'm no longer getting any audio alerts from SD. I don't use the tablet for anything else so nothing else has changed apart from the SD upgrades. I'm not sure when it stopped working, not have flown much in the past year for obvious reasons, so tried uninstalling and going back to previous versions which I had still got the apk files for. Testing with the flight simulation the last version with working audio is 3.13.1.
Is this a known problem or bug? If not please could you look into it as the audio alerts are very useful.

By Keithb - 7/27/2021 10:07:25 AM

Tim Dawson - 7/27/2021 8:40:43 AM
It's not something I've heard of, and we have thousands of pilots using SkyDemon for Android every day. Try contacting customer support.