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NOTAM / RA(T) / temporary ED-R correct lateral display

By Frans - 7/22/2021 2:31:23 PM

Great work Tim, that's very much appreciated!
By Flo - 7/16/2021 6:48:00 PM

Hey all,
Due to this catastrophic flood in western Germany, DFS has published a NOTAM for a temporary ED-R.  
DFS - ED-R Bad Neuenahr
I noticed, that SD is displaying temporary ED-R / NOTAMs always as a circle (first picture NOTAM1) and I got used to it - but:
In fact the activated ED-R does have a different look/lateral borders (second picture NOTAM2).

First, when looking into SD I assumed that all in and outbound flights to EDKB are prohibited, but they aren’t.
I would find it stunning when in future SD updates the program may display the activated restrictions as they are laterally published. 🙂 So, no “circle” anymore!

What do you think?


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