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Error message while route trasfer from SkyDemon to GP

By AVDB - 6/30/2021 3:47:23 PM

Dear Skydemon community team,

Please help me to find the solution of problem I faced.

An error appeared in Garmin Pilot app after route (flight plan) transfer from SkyDemon app.

Both apps have the latest software ver.
I use:
iPad Air, A2324, 2020 year, MYH82LL/2
GP setting version 6


I tried two GP profiles: trial and my main accounts.

I also tried two different accounts in SkyDemon app - situation was not changed.

P.S. Interesting fact - created in SkyDemon app flight plan transfer feature is properly working on my iPhone.
It's also working on my friend's iPad (but GP app not latest one -10.2.8 due to iOS ver 13.6).
I have already communicate with SkyDemon app support team and perform all their recommendations - error message is still appearing.
Garmin Pilot support team do not reply on my request.

By Tim Dawson - 7/1/2021 10:18:32 AM

I can't offer any help more than SkyDemon customer support can - they are the experts, sorry. Since it's GP that is giving the error they would probably be best placed to advise, especially if an identical route does work on a different device, which is very strange.