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By giannisd - 6/29/2021 2:18:27 PM

In Italy, as you know, we have a cluttered situations.....and to get rid of traffic, sometime, we need to fly higher inside the CTA above the Golf area and we need to know the frequency of the responsible "Control".
Could you insert these freq on the "details" of each CTA so when I tap on the map I see the "vertical limits" and I can read next to the "Ident" the freq  to contact ?

Regarding the FMC, you already answer to me, but recently we have discuss this issue with others pilots and we need to see the boundary of these area when we tap on the screen.
The information on the "Flight Plan" is not sufficient.
Is possible to include on the "Navigation or Planning Options" or in the Map Filters the option "FMC Yes or No"  as for others airspace ? like "Class E", "Mil ATZ" or "Other Local Airspace" ? 
The FMC area are only 1 in the Roma Fir, 4 on the Milano FIR, is really a problem for you to depict these area so the boundary will appear with the info when we tap the screen ?
By giannisd - 7/20/2021 9:47:51 AM

Tim Dawson - 7/20/2021 9:02:44 AM
Did you mean 125 when you said Milano North? I will talk to my colleague about what we can do here.

Yes the CTA base above is FL 125,  only a small area on the south of that FMC Milano North near the TMA is lower, but is known to everybody.
Look forward to see the results,