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Jepp Charts integration.

By marioair - 7/24/2021 7:24:09 AM

Not been able to find a contact for your Tim. Worth just going through the “front door”?
By marioair - 6/29/2021 9:02:43 AM

For those of you with Jepp subscriptions viewed through the excellent and free JeppMFD app, the app is being discontinued next year.

The guidance states you can view your Jepp plates on Foreflght or “other compatible apps”. I haven’t found what they other mystery apps are

To date for light IFR GA I think the combination of SD and the JeppMFD app have been amazing.

I know SD is not an IFR tool but it does allow subs to things external plates eg Pooleys Plates and displays AIP approach charts.

I’d willing pay the cost of ForeFlight to have instead the Jepp charts integrated into SD.

@Tim you have 12 months before JeppMFD is withdrawn in the UK, plenty of time to be negotiate with Boeing??