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Change leg properties for a whole route

By Altomar718 - 6/13/2021 8:54:16 AM

Hi All

If a route is planned, and all legs are set to the "use route level option" say 2,300 feet, and you then decide to change the whole route to a high or lower altitude, is there a way of changing ALL the legs in one go as opposed to clicking the magenta line > leg properties > unticking use route level and manually changing that legs altitude in the level box for each leg that has been planned ?

Perhaps a route has been created previously and then the cloud base is lower, so you decide to fly at a lower level, can the whole route be changed in a simpler way ? - Thanks in advance
By Altomar718 - 6/14/2021 6:59:15 AM

pilot-byom - 6/13/2021 9:10:00 AM
Route - Flight Details - Cruising Level

Thanks Pilot Byom - easy when you know how !