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GPS. On ection fails, but how to switch temporarily to local service?

By djbewick - 7/22/2021 3:59:22 PM

Tim Dawson - 5/27/2021 9:55:17 AM
What do you mean by failure, and what kind of device were you using? What did SkyDemon say?

I have a similar question.  I got a "GPS Location Failure" or similar banner when my PAW had a problem, reading between the lines I think to get offered to option to change to location services I should have touched that banner, but that didn't occur to me at the time.  Can anyone confirm this is the right action to take?
By Tim Dawson - 7/23/2021 9:40:58 AM

There's a little 'i' button on the banner displayed when your device has gone offline. Touch that and you'll be offered to revert to location services.
By Sfera72 - 5/26/2021 8:40:09 PM

When SkyDemon detects the connection to your device has failed you can choose to temporarily revert to Location Services, so you can keep navigating and logging your flight. When SkyDemon detects your traffic receiver is working again it will automatically switch back.

But how does this work? Today I hab two failure, but no option to switch to local service.
By Bealeyman - 2/15/2022 5:48:49 PM

I wonder if this happened to me. Just on take off last week, when I was obviously not looking at my mini iPad 4 running the latest the log indicates SD stopped logging, it was ok from off blocks to the hold.
When I turned on route I noticed the IPad was not showing anything so I got SD going and it was ok for the next hour flying.
At home later I checked my PilotAware log, the iPad/SD being connected wirelessly and found the log was complete. So what happened?
I also have 2022 PAW software.
By chris-bayern - 9/26/2021 7:56:13 AM

Yesterday I had the same problem. During a flight SkyDemon lost the connection to the SkyEcho2 (the WiFi signal from the SkyEcho2 was not longer available). A green banner with an timer and message was shown. But in flight I didn’t see that ‚i‘ (although I had still roughly remembered this post). Would it be possible to show an button? For both cases? Once the connection goes offline to switch to the internal GPS. And later back if possible?
By Tim Dawson - 9/26/2021 10:02:16 AM

It's a button with a question mark in it, on the left-hand side of the green banner. It only appears when SkyDemon is no longer receiving data from your traffic receiver.