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Ability to use digital VFR charts

By Kswannet - 5/4/2021 1:50:45 PM

Hi there,

Many providers of VFR charts offer digital versions of their charts (Rogers Data, DFS, AirMillion, OpenFlightMaps, etc.).
Would it be possible to add a feature where users can load such digital maps into Skydemon and have them show up as options in the charts style menu? I think e.g. Airmate allows this, it'd be great if Skydemon could do this too.

While the charts made by you guys (Skydemon) are definitely great, I've seen a couple of request concerning chart style which could be solved this way, like e.g. this one on airspace bound representation.
This way pilots can use whichever chart or chartstyle they are most familiar with, while still having the Skydemon functionality of quickly seeing "what's here" or approach chart overlays, weather overlays, etc.

I realise it could be difficult to accurately georeference these (not sure which format the charts come in, I'm assuming pdf), but perhaps when loading the charts the user could be asked to point out a couple of waypoints/airports on the chart which can then be used for georeferencing. Use of anything other than the officially supported Skydemon maps would be completely at the user's discretion of course.
By Tim Dawson - 5/7/2021 1:50:05 PM

No, that other thread is about the overlay of approach charts or other local charts for airfields.

This thread is about enroute, wide area charting.