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CTA Frequencies

By Lozzi - 4/22/2021 10:16:14 AM

Hi everybody,

I was wondering why the CTA radio frequency is not reported.
In the picture below (located in the north-east of Italy) my route includes Padova CTA Zone 21 and 20, both Class D space. ATS responsible unit is Padova ACC (119.175 approach control / 120.725 area control).
Why there’s no frequency indication? I can neither find it in the briefing pack.



By Tim Dawson - 4/23/2021 9:34:34 AM

Well, we publish the AIP precisely so you can look up information like that. I've read what you wrote (along with the AIP) a few times now and I can see why our data doesn't list a simple, single frequency next to each piece of that CTA. The quick answer is that the AIP doesn't list one either, the longer answer is that the AIP doesn't make it particularly clear what frequency is best either. If the FIC frequency is best then we already provide that, permanently, in the What's Here menu, the Radio tab or the Virtual Radar. If it's a different frequency then I am still not clear what that frequency should be or to which pieces of airspace it applies. And that is probably why we don't assign the CTA pieces a frequency currently.