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SkyDemon Airfield Plate - Integrity Check?

By Rogerthedodger - 4/7/2021 9:52:40 AM

The SkyDemon plate for Home Farm Fields grass strip shows a length of 650 metres. Yet looking at the scale on the SD plate (which is for 200m) it is clear that Home Farm Fields is more like 400-420 metres - (this is also the length I get when measuring on Google Earth). I presume that the 650 metre length has come from another source (AFE Flight Guide?), but I wondered if SD could maybe include something that shows the SD measured distance based on the SD plate graphic as compared to the published distance as an additional piece of safety information. Particularly when there is such a large discrepancy? (PS I am in contact with the airfield owner to get this looked into as a published length of 650m for a 400/420m strip is a bit of a safety concern)
By pilot-byom - 4/9/2021 1:02:58 PM

grahamb - 4/9/2021 12:19:11 PM
We're talking about a grass strip here, the UK CAA will just not be interested.

I think you did not get the point - they give a s**t on any airfield information, it is the sole responsibility of the fields operator and to my knowledge any NAA does only collect and redistribute what they got without checking.