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Calculate Flight Time and insert in PiC or Dual

By MOIN - 5/15/2021 10:52:43 AM

II do not want to kill your optimizm but I am sure Tim will have an explanation wha he will not do this.
Also he field "arrival tim" is nuts.
My minimum expectation would be, as SD is incapable to automatic recognize off block /on block that I can put in Daperture time and arrival time and so that PIC time is automatic calculated.

But as Tim pointed out on several occasions "we at SD do not see a need for a logbook and we do do not implement tis feature"
followed by, we do not implement a feature just others have i, so if you need this SD is maybe not the right application for you" ;-)

and no, they will also not implement a CSV import because first there is no need and 2. as said, SD never intended to have a logbook feature .......
Does this sound frustratedß ABSOLUTELY! I had used air navigation pro for almost 9 years nad would do if they would not have such a catastrophic support. But beside tis it was pretty much good. Logbook feature was an ease to use, automatic very precise Off Block/on block times also did record even touch and go precise. As the logbook is stored in an SQL format, it was easy to import/export. Also EVERY field was editable. Because it should be! SD pretty much shows that the logbook can be faulty when the software itself takes control. You end up with wrong records which later are hard to change correct resulting in wrong times and landings.

Easy to do in ANP, pain in the A... in SD
But maybe sooner r later Tim can overcome his personal point of view and can react on customer needs......paying the show......


By publicom - 5/15/2021 11:35:43 AM

Meanwhile SD has a logbook which works very good. Although I agree, that the concept of „suggest, which features You would like to have, so we will tell You, why nobody needs this“ is a little bit strange.
By Tim Dawson - 5/17/2021 11:15:02 AM

SkyDemon automatically recognises off and on blocks times, and has done for some time.
By MOIN - 5/20/2021 8:18:47 AM

Tim Dawson - 5/17/2021 11:15:02 AM
SkyDemon automatically recognises off and on blocks times, and has done for some time.

Sure the function is there but the reliability is 60%..... if

did 6 single flights last weekend and just one was recorded precisely... I do not understand what is so difficult to start the Off Block when the GS is eg.  >35km/h, on Block on when it is < 35km/h. 

This leaves no room for speculation. The ones who taxi faster than 35km/h are doing something wrong and the ones who have a false positive recording because they are moving the plane from one place to another should simply switch SD off for this movement.....

I know you will wipe away this argumentation because SD will not do because others have implemented it, but it was worry free working with Air Navigation pro..... 320 recorded flights with 5 flights with faulty Block off Block on times....

I am not getting it why you put your personal opinion in the fromnt row while obviously the demand of your customers is existing. The one who don't need this function, doi not need to use it. But the one who would like to have it is pushed aside because you think there is no need/SD is not the right App for it?

You have such a good product, why not make it more comfortable?

By publicom - 5/20/2021 8:36:03 AM

I suggest, You open an own topic about the problem. This is just about an easyer way to import flight time.
By Tim Dawson - 5/20/2021 9:20:27 AM

MOIN, it sounds like you've misunderstood how the feature works. Furthermore there is really no point keeping on about how another product did it exactly the way you want.

SkyDemon records off blocks automatically, the first time you start moving after you've logged engine start. It has nothing to do with a speed around 35km/h. I think perhaps you're getting confused with another feature, where SkyDemon starts logging your flight automatically if you haven't logged engine start or off blocks, once your speed climbs above 30 knots.
By Tim Dawson - 5/20/2021 9:21:27 AM

publicom, how would you envisage your suggestion working? Would you imagine a couple of extra buttons, next to PiC and Dual, both of which inserted your flight time into their respective boxes?
By publicom - 5/20/2021 10:14:05 AM

Yes, I think that would be the easiest and most intuitive way.
Maybe it would be better, if Arrival Time was on „time“ by default; not on „duration“.
By publicom - 2/22/2021 1:55:04 PM

When making a manual Entry to the Log with start- and end-time, it would be very handy, if SD could calculate the duration and offer to insert in PiC od Dual.