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Skydemon Plan PC : Custom Data Textual Information document?

By pilot-byom - 2/11/2021 10:34:06 AM

When using the DataCreator in Skydemon Plan on the PC there is the option to add Textual Information documents to a custom airfield. I wanted to add the PDF file with the original document for noise abatement traffic patterns, which we are supposed to carry on board for PPR landings.

Hitting the button only throws an error message, even if I use a ICAO designator of a well known airfield having Textual Information to test. Sorry, but in the official manual the documentation of DataCreator is rather brief. Is there a more detailed description somewhere? Isn't that button referencing the document to add to the ICAO code of the custom airfield and where do I have to put the PDF so it is added to the custom airfield entry?
By iefbr14 - 2/23/2021 3:45:14 PM

pilot-byom - 2/13/2021 10:20:16 AM
Amir Parsian - 2/11/2021 12:17:17 PM

Thanks. A button without function in a commercial software is something to keep an eye on ... No, I did not mean or write stupid!

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