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VRP Display

By SaschaMarc - 1/25/2021 5:20:18 AM


planning flights in the Geneva area, I first came across the problem of VRP used by different airfields in different forms. A prime example is LSGGW, which is the same as LFLIW. For LSGG it is mandatory, for LFLI it is not. Now, LSGG is my home field now, but the first time I flew there, I nearly overlooked the fact that it is mandatory. Nevertheless, SD displays the VRP as non-mandatory.

Given the "mandatory" is really important, it would be great that a VRP is shown on the map in its highest priority, not its lowest.

My 2 cents,
By Tim Dawson - 1/25/2021 10:04:06 AM

An interesting problem. I opened SkyDemon to illustrate the problem and on my machine it's showing as mandatory. Upon zooming in I can see they're defined at similar but not identical positions, which creates a challenge for us because we do not treat them as being the same point. Can you see the same thing?