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SkyEcho 2 with Skydemon - ghost plane

By chris-bayern - 11/2/2020 9:38:10 AM

Some weeks ago I switched from Stratux to the SkyEcho 2. So far it works very well in combination with SkyDemon. I use the SkyEcho 2 only as receiver for ADS-B and FLARM. And I am not always flying the same aircraft and so I can't store the FLARM and ADS-B hex code in the SkyEcho 2 or I would have to adjust both frequently (see post "SkyEcho Set Aircraft Reg and Hex Code from Skydemon"). So it happens that at the beginning of a flight I hear permanent traffic warnings (ghost plane) - which can be very "stressful" (see post "Suppress traffic warnings below a certain height"). I know that I can ignore a aircraft (with one touch on the Traffic Radar). But on ground I often can't decide which aircraft should be ignored.

Before the SkyEcho 2 I had a Stratux in use. And back then I had no problems with a "ghost plane" (not even when changing the aircraft). In the SkyDemon "Aircraft Profile" I had always stored the FLARM HEX ID. But the SkyEcho 2 doesn't seem to transmit a FLARM HEX ID to SkyDemon when Flarm is used (received). You see only the text "FLARM" in the Traffic Radar. This seems to be the difference between Stratux and SkyEcho 2.

Can this be fixed?
By Tim Dawson - 11/11/2020 10:14:59 AM

So has the SkyEcho's facility to hide a given flarm ID solved the problem in your case?