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Transition Altitudes

By grahamb - 10/29/2020 11:06:36 AM

Spurred by a conversation being held on another forum, is there any way the description of a piece of controlled airspace could show the relevant Transition Altitude on the 'What's here' pop-up?

The UK has a peculiarly complex TA structure, where is can be one of 3000', 5000' or 6000' depending on which piece pf airspace you are under, the default being 3000' unless otherwise defined. These areas often abut one another.

This can make it difficult to know whether one should be cruising at a flight level or an altitude in order to comply with SERA at any point in a journey.

The values that differ from 3000' are given in a table in section 4 of ENR 1.7 for the UK I believe in France the default value is 5000', with differences shown on IAC charts for relevant aerodromes, or show on the 1million chart. 

By Tim Dawson - 10/29/2020 11:26:45 AM

Unfortunately the job of transcribing and maintaining transition altitudes/levels for all the airspace throughout Europe is not viable for us, sorry.