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Public iOS/iPadOS release now higher than Beta.

By grahamb - 10/27/2020 12:52:05 PM

Just seen that the latest iOS public releases have overtaken the beta in version numbers, by inclusion of the AUP data.

Is this a one off, or is it a pattern that is likely to be repeated?
By Exfirepro - 10/31/2020 9:21:42 AM

I noticed this too, so updated my iPad mini 5 with iPadOS 14.1 (this is the one I normally fly with) to the new SD beta, but keeping my ‘backup’ iPad mini 3 with iPadOS 12.4.8 (which runs on my knee pad) on the latest public release for ‘comparison’ or backup in case of any unpredicted glitches.

I’m really impressed with the SE2 configuration option BTW @Tim D, though I can’t actually test it ‘for real’ as I don’t have an SE2. (ADSB-Out from Trig TT21 with it’s own GPS source and PilotAware with integrated FLARM from FlarmMouse for anyone interested). I also still have an ATT-20B and an SE (1) bought for testing but not of course usable with my TT21 - and, sadly, both thrown by the wayside by uAvionix in the ongoing March of ‘progress’.