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Save flight plans in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 .PLN format ?

By ArthurFuxake - 9/26/2020 11:28:50 AM

Just a feature request...

It would be great to be able to save flight plans in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 .PLN format. 

I know that currently GPX, Google Earth, RTE and Garmin formats are supported and I've tried to find something that will convert those to .PLN format but to no avail or with very poor success, so if SD could do it natively (and correctly) that would be awesome! 

This wasn't an issue for me using P3D as I could use Garmin formats with 3rd party Garmin P3D addons (Reality XP GTN 750), but MSFS seems to ONLY support PLN format.

I'd imagine going forward and given MSFS2020's popularity, this might get requested a lot, along with native "Go Flying" support for MSFS2020 (Simconnect) well as the current support for X-Plane. The latter doesn't bother me as I have a method using a 3rd party intermediary that works great, but I can see this becoming a request from new sim customers who don't have the tech savvy for a workaround.