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Data lost from display

By ChrisRowland - 6/10/2020 8:52:51 AM

Something I've seen happening is that much of the map data vanishes.  Raods, railways, rivers, urban areas, circuit patterns, noise abatement areas etc.  These ae all enabled.  I got them back by logging off, powering off my iPad, turning it on, restarting and logging on.  That's more than I will do in flight and even away from home I may not have an internet connection.
Could we have an option to reload everything that's easier to do please.
By ChrisRowland - 6/12/2020 10:57:07 AM

All the roads and features were enabled and disabling and reenabling then didn't help.
It's happened several times before, both on the iPad and on my Android phone.

When it happens again I'll try to get a screen shot but it's rather as is only the first few layers of information is shown.

Hannah suggested deleting the map and reloading it and that works but requires an internet connection.  Another way seems to be to power off the iPad, then restart it and SD.
I found that the airfield specific circuit diagram and noise sensitive areas were also not displayed.