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Moving map orientation

By RobertJan - 5/30/2020 2:32:42 PM

The moving map in flying mode has three possible orientations: North Up, Track Up, Course Up. Would it be possible to add the options East Up, South Up, West Up?

That would enable us to turn the map more or less into the flying direction while keeping the wind directions aligned with the sides of the tablet.
By PaulSS - 6/4/2020 10:35:01 AM

Why do you post such a negative message, what good do you think you achieve with that?

Because I'm worried that I have to share the sky with someone who doesn't know which way he's going unless he can introduce another, quite frankly bizarre, method of orientating himself. There's North up and track/course up and that works well for everyone else from hangliders to A380s.

It's okay, you don't have to bother writing any more for my benefit. Perhaps write to Cessna and ask them for rotating seats so that you can sit sideways and face the direction of your chart.