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Missing Frequency - Emmen/Buochs/Alpnach HX Information

By Tim Dawson - 4/16/2020 9:34:50 AM

I see that frequency in the PLOG when I plan a flight to LSME. Is it not there for you?
By jiaolong - 4/14/2020 3:38:25 PM

Hi Skydemon Team
A frequency is not showing up when hoovering over the area on the map or in the pilot log. It is available in the approach information tab of the aerodrome.

Frequency: 134.130
Affected Aerodromes (same Frequency for all three): LSME (EMMEN), LSZC (Buochs) and LSMA (Alpnach).

Would be nice to have it as we are asekd to check the frequency before calling one of the aerodrome for CTR crossings.

Thank you and stay healthy.