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By Tim Dawson - 3/2/2020 11:24:02 AM

As Andy said above, a lot of these are misconceptions about the way SkyDemon works. Always best to contact our support department really.
By plazas - 2/28/2020 10:58:02 AM


Was looking around SkyDemon and noticed some issues. Maybe not issues, maybe intentional. Maybe only me getting this.Thought I asked. 

1. Picture 1: Upper limit missing? On the right side it is showing. Also "Pärnu FIZ" is Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ). Should it be also displayed?
2. Picture 2: Upper limit partially showing. Bug?
3. Picture 3: FL660 showing as Part of TMA? "The Control Area (CTA) covers the geographical limits of the Tallinn FIR from FL 95 up to FL 660". Would it be option to separate TMA from CTA somehow? Please see picture 4. Or maybe show CTA only when planning route over FL95 or higher?
4. Picture 5: Is it possible to add visual FIS areas to Estonian map? Like FIR. Also, Estonia has new East and West sector frequencies. 


OP: Windows 10 64bit.