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Sion LSGS circuits

By BearLS - 2/22/2020 11:28:40 AM

I would like to make some comments on the circuits of LSGS.

On the circuit on the map, the circuit altitudes of the circuit pattern are missing.
For multi engine ACFT RWY 07 and RWY 25 it is 4000ft, for single engine ACFT RWY 07 it is 3000 ft and RWY 25 it is 2700ft.

The two arrival/departures north of the field (marked in orange) are helicopter routes NOT multi engine routes.

You have far too many ‘multi engine’ routes in your map (marked in yellow). They are NOT ‘multi engine’ routes. On the VAC the are also drawn in black but the line is much thinner (see VAC). They are general arrival/departure routes.

The approach via E2 is NOT a continuous line towards N. At E2 you will get either a straight in RWY 25 or you have to continue to N depending on traffic.

For fixed-wing aircrafts at E2 MNM is 3000ft for helicopters MNM is 2500ft. That's all for VAC LSGS.



By Tim Dawson - 2/25/2020 10:08:17 AM

You may wish to contact our support, who also write the documentation.