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The warning tone can be switched off

By Burkhard - 2/18/2020 5:47:34 PM

As discuused with Hannah, actual there is no way to switch off the warning tone if the black warning field pops up.. So you will hear the tone if you want or not.

Sky Demon's intention is undoubtedly positive and is intended to increase safety, but there are many pilots
- which turn off the volume / audio output on the smartphone
- Where the engine noise overlays the advisory tone
- Who have not paired the smartphone with the headset
- Who don't listen to music with the headset
- Who do not make calls with the headset.
All these pilots are therefore only warned optically, but not acoustically, which means that the advisory tone does not serve their purpose.

With all apps and devices that I know, the owner of a smartphone can decide whether he wants to hear an advisory tone or not.

In my case, I have to set the volume on my smartphone to almost maximum due to the ambient noise in order to be able to make calls or listen to music. Unfortunately, the warning tone sounds so loud that I startle every time and my ears hurt. Unfortunately, the "forced tone" has so far been of no use to me except much annoyance.

As a pilot, it is actually a matter of course to keep an eye on the control zones etc. I personally also see the information immediately, so the very annoying, additional information sound is completely unnecessary for me. Rather, it irritates when flying.

So my request to SkyDemon: Trust the pilot and let them decide for themselves whether they want to hear this advisory tone or not. Trust that a pilot knows what to do if he decides to turn off an advisory tone.

As discussed with Hannah I would be very happy if you could help to add a corresponding parameter that can be used to switch off the warning tone. The following solution idea: If someone deactivates the sound, a text "Warning / Information" can appear, which means that from now on only visual warnings will be given. As an additional safeguard, the pilot can give his consent via a button / tick.

Will it possible to add this function? i will be very (very) happy :-)
By Maverix - 3/14/2020 6:03:15 AM

I also would prefer to be able to decide on my own.