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Skydemon, Pilotaware and OGN

By Maverix - 2/16/2020 9:32:03 AM

Hi Tim,

since a few weeks I'm using Skydemon and I'm very happy with it.
Thanks for that great software. 

Yesterday I ordered Pilotaware and now I'm looking forward trying this hardware together with Skydemon.

I thought about building up an OGN-R ground station for the FLARM functionality but after mailing with Keith from Pilotaware it seems that my location is not the best because of buildings around my garden.

Now I'm wondering why Skydemon doesn't fetch the glider positions from the OGN via LTE/mobile data?
My tablet has LTE and should be able to connect the OGN during flight. 

Maybe you can explain to me why it's not possible?

Thanks in advance. 

By Maverix - 2/22/2020 7:45:29 AM

I ordered the necessary parts and will give a try 👍