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Appearance of georeferenced Aerodrome Charts

By Renzo - 1/11/2020 12:15:58 AM

Hi Forum,

I just tested several approaches with X-plane because I wanted to find out the moment when the georeferenced aerodrome chart appears as overlay. I found out that it doesnt´t appear automatically here on my iPhone. It only does when I recall the chart manually with a tip on the blue symbol but the it starts overlaying in a wide zoom angle and "north up". Then, I have to select "follow position" and (for me the best) "track up". But the zoom is still quite wide.

Did I miss the setting where I can set up those things as default? In my dreams the georeferenced aerodrome chart appears as soon I touch the runway and not when I leave the runway. I think, I need the informations concerning taxiways etc before leaving the rwy.  Somehow I think that I can remember that this worked already - but I may be wrong anyhow and it is just a missing setup on my SkyDemon. BTW: I switched on "Track up", "Follow Position" and "Auto Zoom" by default for regular navigation. And: I switched on "Show georeferenced Charts automatically".

Can anybody help me out of my darkness?

By Tim Dawson - 1/14/2020 9:13:45 AM

Thanks, we'll note your suggestions.