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Error in depiction of East Midlands CTA15 sector

By grahamb - 11/27/2019 9:16:33 AM

The base of the sector of the East Midlands CTA (CTA15) just to the north of Leicester is incorrectly depicted in SD as FL45. It should be 4500’ amsl as the TA in this area is 6000’. All other sectors would appear to be correctly labelled.
After a bit of investigation it would appear that this is due to an error in the AIP. ENR 2.1 defines it as FL45, but the aerodrome area chart in AD 2 shows it correctly. 

I have notified NATS AIS, but In the meantime people need to be aware that the possibility, although unlikely, of an inadvertent infringement exists, and SD may be cited as a cause. 
By grahamb - 11/27/2019 4:55:16 PM

Tim Dawson - 11/27/2019 12:38:14 PM
If ENR 2.1 defines it as FL45, then officially it's FL45 (unfortunately).

Could you copy us in on your comms with NATS AIS? If we see a confirmation from them of a pending correction, we may be able to update our data ahead of the correction.

I spoke on the telephone with EMA ATC who confirmed it's an error, and the person I spoke to seemed to think that a request to change the AIP would have to come from them. I've had a fairly brief response from AIS - I'll forward you my mail and their response.