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Installation of SkyDemon Data on external SD card on Android

By SaschaMarc - 11/24/2019 7:26:08 AM

I think this topic was already there some years ago, but still no progress. The nicely small programme SkyDemon can be moved onto the external SD card of the mobile device, but the large data, maps, AIP, ... cannot.
Is this going to happen anytime? It would be a REAL asset and help lots of us. In any case, it is not a programming issue, it just needs an option to change the path, which seems to be hardcoded.
Thanks very much in advance!
By Sky Painter - 11/25/2019 12:27:50 PM

Tim Dawson - 11/25/2019 11:30:05 AM
I'm quite sure there are implications to this beyond simply setting a switch. What if the user changes the setting while SkyDemon is running or removes the SD card? When if they change the switch while SkyDemon is not running and then start it again, and SkyDemon suddenly is faced with all its files apparently being changed?

You make valid points which I had not thought of.