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Just one American voice available?

By SeanKx - 10/14/2019 6:35:04 PM

May have missed something but since I last flew a few weeks ago my nice English lady has disappeared from the voice list as have all the other options (Android Nexus 9)
I'm left with just an American lady and can't find any alternatives - which I would quite like.
Any ideas please?
By SeanKx - 10/16/2019 10:09:26 AM

DaveWhite - 10/15/2019 9:30:42 PM
That's an Android issue, not a SkyDemon issue.
(I think the following is correct for Android v7 as well as the v9 device I looked it up on.  If not, it is similar to this but you may have to search menus a bit)

Go to Android Settings - General Management - Language and Input - Text to Speech Output

The under Preferred engine you should have an option "Google Text-to-speech engine"

If not, download  'Google Text-to-speech' from the Play Store.

Now go back to the "Preferred engine" point, having selected Google TTS.  

Tap the cog wheel and then 'Install voice data'.  You get a slew of voice options, including 'English (United Kingdom)' from which there are 18 voice options to choose from.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Dave - got all that but still a mystery. All the voices were available a few weeks ago but now just silence on most. However I have found the English lady listed as English (United States) x-fis-local   Think she must have emigrated!