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Can't set take off time

By mike1111 - 7/16/2019 10:24:58 AM

I can't set the take off time - only the date - when I use Sky Demon on my Huawei tablet.

It shows the date and time on the 'Flight Details' box but the time shown is just the time at which I set the date. If I click on 'Take off' I only get the option to change the date.

On my OnePlus5 phone, I get the option to change both the time and the date.


By publicom - 8/9/2021 10:00:24 AM

Tim Dawson - 8/9/2021 9:58:56 AM
This may be a bug caused by scaling or large fonts on your system, could you contact customer support who may be able to suggest something?

I'll do, thank You.