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Taxiway Identifier Hard to Read and Missing Airport Layouts

By ab-tools - 7/5/2019 11:25:38 AM


I'm currently evaluating SkyDemon (Android version) in the trial version and I'm generally happy with it, but two questions regarding the airport ground layout/aerodrome charts:
1. Sometimes the taxiway identifiers are displayed really, really small (like the taxiway A in the screenshot attached from the airport EDMA): I understand that you try to fit the whole text "Taxiway A" next to the short taxiway, but wouldn't it make more sense to just display the taxiway identifier "A" there without the word "Taxiway"? This could then be displayed much bigger.
2. There are several airports, especially the bigger ones, without any airport ground layout displayed directly in the map till now and it also seems that there is no geo-referenced aerodrome chart available e. g. for EDDB.

I understand that smaller airports are more interesting for a mostly VFR target group, but there are also bigger airports where you can easily fly to VFR (with more or less OK landing fees) like EDDB - and these are then exactly the airports where you REALLY need a geo-referenced aerodrome chart as you get completely lost otherwise! :-)

Are there plans to either include all the airport ground layouts directly in the map (which would be best, of course) or do you plan to at least geo-reference also the remaining (bigger) airport aerodrome charts in Germany?

I don't mind if I need to purchase the additional DFS subscription for this, but as I understood also the DFS aerodrome chart for e. g. EDDB is not geo-referenced till now:
Maybe somebody can confirm this as I can test this in the trial version?

Best regards and thanks
By Tim Dawson - 10/23/2019 2:14:15 PM

Do you not see the extended runway centrelines in SkyDemon? We've had them from the beginning.