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SD Airfield Data access?

By knottygreg - 5/17/2019 5:12:28 PM

I would to see a full list of which UK airfields hold/sell UL91 - but this search capability is not possible [have emailed Lisa at SD about this - it can't currently be done - but have re-enquired on this forum for others to comment].  I am able to find a single airfield and see what fuel it offers, but not the full UK list offering a specific grade of fuel.  

A general search function for this and a few other things within SD might be useful and until it can be implemented, I suggest it as an enhancement here.  

Some ideas of other searches that i suggest could be useful for planning our flying trips would include:
1) Which [UK] airfields offer which fuel
2) Search by runway length and refine this by choosing tarmac, grass or both
3) Search by runway orientation within a band of headings
4) Search by opening and/or closing times within a user-selected band

I'd also like to know which airfields have Hotel accommodation within a user-defined raduis, but i am probably pushing my luck . . .
By MarkusM - 6/29/2019 4:47:09 PM

I wonder how often you face weather conditions you need to select a destination by runway heading??? My first guess, this happens only when surface winds are above 15 knots and 100% cross to your desired destination?