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Icons in App changable ?

By ThePhantom79 - 4/16/2019 6:37:38 PM

Hello SD-Useres,

After some tests with different products, I decided to buy SkyDemin a few days ago.
The functionality, support and stability seems to be great.
But one of the most discussable things is the map layout imho.
If you compare to the competition, sometimes its much more clearer, faster and  easy to understand as with SD (I dont know, if its allowd to post a picture from skydemon and one competitor).
So my question: Is it possible or planned to change the standard icons in the app ? Airfields, obstacles or the much to big glider ficon? If you see the normal DFS ICAO chart, you can see clear icons with high contrast - and thats what is important for me.
Example on german map: Try to EDFM and click on it without 1 sek searching. On PC version with small black icon not possible.

Btw: Why looks map on PC version and mobile version different? (CTR is completly red on mobile app, on PC not. Icons are different and so on).

Dont understand me wrong, I like SD - its just a question do make it even better. Or - mayby I cant the the right setting in the app, as I am new to this software.


By Tim Dawson - 5/1/2019 10:03:43 AM

Sending a big screenshot might help us understand why your map isn't very clear to you.