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Feature Request: Virtual GCA - Ground-controlled approach.

By ph-crj - 3/18/2019 10:14:55 AM

I just stumbled across a Flightsimulator Software-Instrument for FSX/P3D, which may be a breathtaking Emergency Helpfull tool in Skydemon.
GCA or Ground controlled Approach. An old (WWII and later) instrument landing system for the Berlin Airlift and Ailiner Landing in Fog without ILS or (newer) GPS Approaches. Here an example Video.

Now there is asimple Software Instrument for FSX and P3D, which simulate it. The Software has to know my Position, Speed, Sinkrate, course and the Position, Alignment and lenght of the runway. All this knows SkyDemon. Herethe Video for the tool.

This "voice ILS" may be an interesting tool for every known airfield, when programmed inside Skydemon.