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Connection to ICfly

By aho - 7/31/2021 4:00:12 PM

Tim Dawson - 6/8/2020 9:23:38 AM
I've never heard of ICfly, but if it offers a standard FLARM or GDL90 protocol for connectivity with apps, it should work with SkyDemon.

I have excatly the same problem:
I have a TRX1500 with FLARM connected via an ICFlyAHRSII.
The WiFi-connection is there but SkyDemon is not able to identify the Connection and only keeps saying it is "seeking for satellites".
Did you find a solution in the meanwhile?
Which Code do I have to enter?
Thanks and best regards
By Tim Dawson - 8/2/2021 11:18:13 AM

I cannot really answer as I have no knowledge of the product you are describing. SkyDemon works with GDL90 compatible devices, that's all we can say.
By tobi - 10/12/2021 9:59:42 AM


we have the same problem here, i.e. SkyDemon is not able to display traffic data from ICfly_AHRS_II.
From other posts I learnt that SkyDemon uses hardcoded IP addresses to establish a TCP connection to an external data source.

To check, whether it's really only a problem of the IP address I built a rudimentary "wifi-wifi-bridge" using an ESP32 microcontroller, which
  - connects to ICfly_AHRS_II (on
  - starts an access point (on

Using this 8 Euro chip SkyDemon was able to receive and display traffic data from ICfly.

So we only miss a possibility to tell SkyDemon to connect to when using ICfly as external data source.

We contacted SkyDemon support, but got no answer up to now.

By tobi - 10/13/2021 3:56:31 PM


today I got an answer from SkyDemon support:

"I can confirm that your request will be implemented for the next version of SkyDemon, so with an Air Connect key 9999 we will connect to"

So we're looking forward to the next SkyDemon version.

Thank you,
By hummelfn - 2/24/2019 7:58:37 AM

Hi everyone
Does anyone uses ICfly AHRS and traffic together with Skydemon? I fly two planes with an ICfly AHRS with PowerFLARM traffic information. You can connect to the ICfly via WIFI which works, but still if I use Skydemon I don't have either position information, nor traffic data. It works great with a friends skymap app though. 
Any suggestions?
Thanks for your help