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Feature request: Nearest airport details on postcode lookup

By Unblonde - 12/23/2018 11:13:14 AM

I often use Skydemon when someones giving me an address and I'm working out if it would be practical to fly there. I use the postcode search for that. I don't know how often others do, but it would be useful if:

1) It persisted a little more than currently, so that when you're looking at the surrounding area, the yellow circle didn't disappear so quickly

2) There was any immediate tooltip, etc that showed distances to the nearest airfields (ideally similar to find a destination so you could see length, etc). Alternatively, an ability to pop a postcode into find a destination and show distance on the nearby airfields similar to how you currently do runway length

3) there was any way to right click through to Google Maps etc to get directions to/from the nearest airport so you could work out ground travel. 

I can't be the only one who uses Skydemon for planning travel - is there another workflow that I'm missing here?