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Use Skydemon with FS2004 (FS9)

By Gbmitch - 12/22/2018 11:22:29 AM

With recent events (which I will not go into) I have not had any spare time to fly. However, having FS2004 and a set up with yoke/pedals and throttle quadrant and multiple screens with a good PA28 model which I use to keep in practice I wanted Skydemon to connect to the SIM to give an even more realistic feel and keep in touch with using this great software on my Galaxy Tab 4.

I have managed to do this by using a bluetooth link (which works very well). I had seen other posts using Wi-Fi which is rather complicated. However the bluetooth solution was (in my view) much easier to accomplish.

I purchased a small Bluetooth dongle which is compatible with my windows version (Win 10) for about 6 GB pounds. The drivers for this particular device were downloadable but not needed, the default window drivers worked just fine. (I did try the downloaded drivers but had to remove them since once installed I could not switch on bluetooth).

1). Plug in the dongle and allow window to indentify it and load the default drivers.

2).  For Win 10, Go to 'Bluetooth and Other Devices' use the search box.

3). Switch on the Bluetooth with the on screen toggle switch.

4).  On your Tablet go to the bluetooth menu in the settings menu,

5). Select SCAN, When the Tablet displays the name of you PC selcet PAIR and follow the instructions.

6).  On the PC (still in the Bluetooth Menu) Click on More Bluetooth options.

7). In the window that popped up there is a TAB for 'COM PORTS' - click on the TAB 

8). Click on the 'ADD' Button

9) Ensure that 'Incoming (device initiates the connecion)' is selected and press OK

10)  In the Large box you will now see the COM Port that has been allocated (keep a note of this) and click OK

11).  In the windows search box type 'Device Manager' and select this from the menu

12). In the device manager expand the list for 'Ports (COM & LPT)' by clicking on the arrow to the left of that option

13). You are now presented with the list of allocated COM ports on you PC, Double Click on the COM port you made a note of in line 10

14).  Click on the 'Port Settings' TAB

15). From top to bottom ensure the selectios are:- 9600 8 None 1 None and click OK

16).  From you WEB browser go to '' and download 'GPSout 2.61'

17). Open the GPSout.ini file with notepad and ensure the settings are as follows.(only the lines that do not start with a semicolon)
 Port=COMx (x= the com port number from line 10)

 IMPORTANT: Save the file with the SAVE option - not the Save As otion

18). Copy both the GPSout.ini and the GPSout.dll files to the FS modules folder
 (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Modules

19). On your tablet go to Play Store. Search and install 'Bluetooth GPS' from GG Moblab.

20). In settings on your tablet go into developer options (if this option is hidden do a google search for this for your tablet)
 Once in developer options activate the option 'Allow Mock Locations' then exit the menu.

21). Start you flight sim and go to your selected airport.

22). With the bluetooth connected (Tablet to PC) Ensure that the 'location services' are switched off for your Tablet
 then Click on the Bluetooth GPS app on your tablet. Your PC name should be listed on the screen.

23). In bluetooth GPS ensure there is a tick in the box for 'Enable Mock GPS Provider' and click on connect.
 The aircraft position should now be displayed (if not try moving the aircraft).
 It is only possible to connect when your aircraft is ready to fly - otherwise the connection will fail

24). If all is OK exit Bluetooth GPS, an ICON should remain in the top of the screen whilst the connection is active.

25). Start SKY Demon and  Go Flying and enjoy.

The only issue I have found is that the SD displayed altitude can be incorrect due to GEOID undulation. I suspect that is due to the Sim outputting altitude to MSL. Skydemon applies Geoid altitude correction to the satalite data to obtain the correct altitude (as do other GPS recievers). Since FS2004 already outputs the correct altitude then SD carries out its correction the correction is being appled twice. In my specific area the GUND is 164 ft and this correspond exactly to the altitude error I am seeing.  On the whole this is not an issue or a fault on the part of anyone (SD is designed for realworld (which is perfect) not simulators, and in any case we fly to altitude using the Altimeter (Not GPS), the only issue is airspace infringement warnings but this only occurs on the SIM.

Although the above process seems daunting to some, it only take around 10 to 15 minutes for the inital set up that you only have to do once.