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IWB Integrated Web Briefing - Poland

By BartH - 12/21/2018 11:41:11 AM

Not sure if you guys are aware about IWB - Integrated Web Briefing system being launched in Poland.
Are there any SkyDemon's plans for cooperation with this project?
It is supposed to work as one digital platform for everything.... AIP, NOTAMS, Meteo, FUA, AUP etc... and filing FPLs electronically.
At the moment it is still in test (pre-operational) phase with plans to go fully and legally operational in Q1 2019.
As per today interview with director of PANSA (air navigation agency) they are testing it now with external users (just wondering if SkyDemon is one of them) and they welcome everyone to register, login, test and put comments / critics so they can improve it.
At the moment maybe it is not working flawlessly and not the fastest website in the world, but I hope it is only due to testing and corrections being applied on live system.
It would be nice to have it interlinked or built-in into the SkyDemon software. Or at least work with them so that Flight Plan created digitally on the IWB could be transferred to our iPad with 'one click'. 
Other thing would be interfacing all NOTAMS and other active airspaces displayed on the IWB charts straight to SkyDemon (that would probably reduce your workload - instead of inputing all that data by yourself and actually be fully legal source of that information).

There is manual in pdf but unfortunately only polish version for now (at least I haven't seen english one).

I had a call from PANSA to verify my new registration so make sure you put real phone number during registration.

Main functionalities: 
- route planning (on the map)
- various map layers and obstacles filters
- filing FPL and other messages
- AIP Poland database (and map’s obstacles described with AIP data)
- NOTAM viewer
- valid METEO messages and maps
- active zones (January 2019)
- PIB generation (January 2019)
- user’s FPL data base (and FPL archive)
- filing DEP and/or ARR
- filing delays and/or changes to the FPL
- communication with ARO and NMOC
- and more
By Tim Dawson - 1/2/2019 4:50:58 PM

SkyDemon is a fully legal source of NOTAM information.

If Poland is launching their own pilot briefing service, good for them. However SkyDemon is international in nature and there isn't necessarily any data in a Poland-only service we would be interested in, as we are likely licensing the same data for elsewhere only with an international scope.