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'Make Approach' - Join Crosswind?

By Rogerthedodger - 12/10/2018 6:40:59 PM

Thanks for all the recent improvements/updates. I was just wondering why this facility (Make Approach) does not include join 'Crosswind' as an option. (The SkyWay Code includes Crosswind join on page 100). 

Just to be very particular, it is also possible and reasonable to join 'Left Base' for a Right Hand circuit. As an example, on flying into Gloucestershire from Kemble for Rwy 27 RH circuit, possible/reasonable joins are Standard Overhead, Crosswind, Left Base - all of which I have been given on more than one occasion. (Downwind, Right Base and Long Final are not really feasible in this situation and I have never been asked to do them when joining from the south). The only way I can get a Left Base join set up is to say it is a left hand circuit, but this then puts the deadside on the wrong side (north) of the field and the circuit arrows are all then left hand arrows.

As I say the Left Base join for a right hand circuit may not be so common (though perfectly reasonable), but Crosswind join seems to be completely omitted as an option?

I stand to be corrected on all the above, but as I say it is based on personal experience of many flights into Glos from Kemble and/or the south.

Thanks again for such a brilliant product.
By dave_kent - 12/13/2018 1:11:01 PM

Tim Dawson - 12/13/2018 10:53:07 AM
SkyDemon doesn't really monitor what you're doing to that extent. The ability to select a circuit and join in SkyDemon is only so it ends up being drawn on the map, with a reminder of circuit direction and height, all of which can help orientate yourself. Many people find this useful but there's no need to use it if you don't find it adds anything.

Thanks Tim - I think I was reading too much into it :-)