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De-duplication of frequencies

By grahamb - 12/8/2018 5:20:58 PM

A minor thing really, but a rejig on the way frequencies are assembled for display on the Radio tab might reduce the apparent daftness of this:

I get why it is doing it, but it does seem a bit silly to display the same frequency four times (plus twice more for the LARS/Airport occurrences). It can be helpful to see frequencies down one's track beyond the immediate one if they differ, but if they don't change, why display them?
By ArnaudC - 1/30/2019 11:17:54 AM

Tim Dawson - 12/10/2018 11:22:53 AM
I agree it looks silly, but it's also rather contrived. It presumably doesn't happen unless there are a bunch of controlled airspace sectors ahead all within ten minutes' flying time, all with the same controlling authority. We could certainly add a system where we record each one and suppress ones where all parameters match one that has already been displayed, but is it worth it?

Some follow-up ideas:
1. Many frequencies are linked to a certain airspace.
-> Could it be based on declutter settings? If I'm not showing anything above FL75 anyway because I'm bumbling about at 2000ft watching houses or whatever, I don't need to see the frequencies linked to those airspaces either.

2. Extreme example: you fly north of LFPG, in the TMA there are 9 "De Gaulle Approach" frequencies.
-> show only one line that becomes like a button, then if press that button it expends to show all frequencies, I can select one (typically when I get a handover) and then the button collapses again and shows only that one frequency I have selected?