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Download of AIP on Apple ipad/iphone unusable slow

By cbk - 11/13/2018 7:50:36 AM


since a few weeks downloading of AIPs on my iPad or iPhone is extraordinary slow. Small files (less than 1MB) are downloaded in ordinary speed but the big ones are the problem. As bigger they are, as longer the pause prior downloading these large files is. There is a oause of many hours prior one of these big files is downloaded. The traffic monitor of my dsl-router shows me that there isn't any traffic while waiting for the big files. At the End downloading more than about 100MB per day is impossible. Even downloading this data means a 24/7 operation.

As a result, I now download every night as much AIPs as I can hope that downloading these files is faster than new ones are created.

I hope that this problem will be fixed rapidly because otherwise skydemon is unusable for me anymore.
By Tim Dawson - 11/13/2018 12:27:26 PM

There are at least two threads on this issue already. Please use one of them.