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Performance Calculations (Takeoff, Landing) in SD

By thomas.fischer2018 - 11/9/2018 2:18:33 PM

I know it's been discussed before, but I still don't understand why this feature is not implemented yet.

The manual calculation of the takeoff and landing distance is relatively timeconsuming, annoying, and it can be 95% automated as shown by other apps or competition software like Flight Planner. In Germany it is mandatory to do this and document it (at least for insurance reasons it's advisable).

Calculation of the takeoff and landing distance (and perhaps climb performance) depending on 
- airport elevation
- temperature 
- pressure 
(or the density altitude)
- wind direction & speed at the time of departure or arrival
- weight (from weight & balance calculations) at the time of departure or arrival
- runway condition (inclination, grass, and user answered parameters like wet or not, active runway selection)
- aircraft profile 
- user specific safety margin
would be a great feature, both for planning in advance as well as during in-flight.

Aircraft performance profiles could be edited and shared by users for the most common aircrafts like Cessna 172 etc.
The map could be filtered for airports that have long enough runways, also in case of an emergency to find a field nearby. Or it could show on the warnings tab if the the calculated length is shorter than the landing distance available.

I love SkyDemon, but i would like to get rid of these other apps that i need to calculate those distances for me....