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Feature Request - User notes on Airfield Approach Info

By plume_tray - 2/3/2018 12:43:08 AM

Over the next few months, we are going to see more frequency changes due to the new 8.33 regulatory requirements. As these changes trickle through the system, it can be difficult for pilots to keep on top of them.

Is it possible to allow users to add airfield specific notes to the Approach Information page on the Airfields tab and/or the Whats Here window?

For example, if a NOTAM'd frequency change has been released for an airfield but not updated in the AIP yet, the user could find that airfield in the Airfield tab or What's Here window, and then add the new frequency in a user note. The note could then be shown alongside the older/current frequencies in the same window. Rather than the user having to write down the new frequency on paper or try to find the NOTAM in flight, which isn't ideal.

Once the AIP is updated, the user could remove their note. Notes would be unique to each airfield so not to clog up screens with 50 different bits of data. And easily identifiable as "user" data and not Skydemon generated.

This would really help with burden of these frequency changes, especially during the time leading up to an AIP update. The old fashion way of keeping up to date was to manually write those changes on our paper charts or in Pooleys. This would be the EFB equivalent.

It need not be isolated to frequencies, it could anything such as a persons name you might meeting at your destination, or phone number for the local taxi, anything.
By Bealeyman - 11/22/2018 7:24:50 PM

I think this is a good idea. Another example is that some airfields allocate transponder codes and these are not written up by Pooleys so a private airfield note could be added replacing the old fashion 'write it on the Pooleys paper copy'. As the initial poster suggests we want to get away from paper notes. It would work like this I suggest, when selecting the Pooleys (or equivalent) an icon alerts to the fact that a private note applies.