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Flightplan filing city names

By rafale52 - 11/9/2017 8:09:16 AM

Am i stupid or is it still not possible that skydemon can fill in the city names of the planned waypoints in the route field of the flightplan?
To file a flightplan with a route consistig of city names is usually used by VFR pilots in austria! It would be very disappointig if this feature is further unavailable in this very exiting program.
Greetings from austria
By Tim Dawson - 11/22/2019 11:45:03 AM

As it happens, we are spending some time on flightplan filing ready for the next version and this topic came up. We are discussing adding an option which would preserve town/city names only, in the route field, with an associated warning that the flightplan would no longer be ICAO-compliant.

The Austrian document is interesting. It specifically states that it applies to flightplans filed WITHIN Austria, but most people file flightplans in order to facilitate a journey from one country to another. Are you asking for this option for flights within Austria, or for international flights?