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Flightplan filing city names

By rafale52 - 11/9/2017 8:09:16 AM

Am i stupid or is it still not possible that skydemon can fill in the city names of the planned waypoints in the route field of the flightplan?
To file a flightplan with a route consistig of city names is usually used by VFR pilots in austria! It would be very disappointig if this feature is further unavailable in this very exiting program.
Greetings from austria
By bharb - 5/18/2020 4:27:38 PM

Hello! Please do not stop this feature ;-) I had this question a looong time ago here in the forum, but I was told that you will not implement that, so please stick on this topic and make it an option as mentioned above.

I fly from Austria to Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech and Slovakia regularly and I file flightplans with city names for every flight and I never had a problem.

So please make this option as mentioned - that is a big feature for us here in central europe. Btw, I also asked an air traffic controller from Austria and he told me, that they hate the skydemon style with its coordinates, but they cannot do anything against ;-)