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Czech Republic AUP/UUP "live" data in SkyDemon

By krasnall - 9/18/2020 2:35:32 PM

Judging by the comments and likes on your latest FB post, this feature is important for many users in various counties. Definitely a must have from the Polish perspective.
By ane - 8/25/2017 10:01:42 AM


SkyDemon is awesome and I'm glad to have such a tool available.

After using it for (more) than two years for VFR flight planning and execution,
I'd have a few suggestions and/or feature requests.
Here is one of these:‌
Given the amount of temporary reserved areas within the CZ airspace,
which list is updated on a daily basis (as the MIL OAT flights are planned and acted),
it would be great if a close future version of SkyDemon
would support a download and visualisation of such data.

The source is available from the  (free, no login needed)
 (assembled as an official table of truth by the RLP - Czech AMC).

 I'm sure there will be a more suitable machine-readable feed of this data as well, somewhere.‌‌

You can see their web viewer showing the activated restricted area on :
see the red-filled polygons - those with just a red outline are the areas themselves but not activated,
and the filled ones are the activated ones.
You can play with the time to see how often these do change.

Without having this feature in SkyDemon, every VFR pilot in CZ (or flying through on VFR)
needs to not only plan in SkyDemon, but also to open the AisView web tool,
and re-plan accordingly.
Of course, while on course (flying), one has to always ask via radio (FIS / Praha Info) on the actual last-minute status,
but that is a normal procedure; having a solid plan prepared in advance would be much better,
 sometimes it is not even possible to divert and fly around. Being able to see it on a first sight in SkyDemon would so great !

thank you,
By Tim Dawson - 9/21/2020 9:28:04 AM

Yes, we're working to get this data into your hands as soon as possible.