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"real" VFR-AIP for Germany?

By Renzo - 4/18/2017 9:15:36 PM

Hi forum,

I have a question/subject concerning the "VFR" and "non-VFR"-AIPs in SkyDemon.

e.g. for Czech Republic there is one AIP "Czech Republic" and one named "Czech Republic (VFR)"‌‌‌‌. This difference is also given in the german AIP. It seems, that SkyDemon comes with the IFR-AIP and I can´t find a dedicated "German VFR-AIP" But in "real life" is a VFR-AIP. The difference between VFR and IFR-AIP is the publishing date and an 14 days-offset when changes will be effective. The date of published data has an offset of 14 days between VFR and IFR.

For SD I have purchased the German AIP-Plates‌‌ and I´v found some aerodrome-information concerning smaller airfields which is only found in the German VFR-AIP. So far so good, but the rest of the german AIP (General, Enroute...) seems to be the IFR-Part.

My question is: doesn´t DFS offer the VFR-Part ‌‌to SD or is the German VFR-part simply not offered in SD?

Thanks for your time and answer,
By fingertrouble - 3/27/2019 8:14:30 AM

Hello Tim,
I’m not sure if it fits in here. But when I go to Friedrichshafen (EDNY) - airport information - NOTAMS, it shows as number 3: “Trigger NOTAM - VFR SUP 04/19 WEF 14 March 2018 Aero Friedrichshafen 10 April 2019 til 13 April 2019- PPR will be granted from 27 March 2019 and changed procedures from 08 April 2019 til 14 April 2019.”
SUP 04/19 is linked to a pdf file, but to the IFR SUP 04/19, which has nothing to do with EDNY.
Many Greetings, Karsten.