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Radio pop up

By Steve8776 - 4/11/2017 5:14:10 PM

During flights I regularly use the radio frequency button to bring up my next frequencies as part of FREDA checks... however a couple of things repeatably occur to me

1) it filters on the next local frequencies and I often can't see the frequency I may need in 30 minutes flight time on my current route

2) the close button is a colour (yellow I think) that in a bright cockpit especially whilst wearing brown tint glasses in next to invisible not to mention dofficult to hit during turbulence. How about a tap on the map to close dialogue such as radio or weather pop ups during navigation...or a clearer and bigger close button
By swordmap - 1/4/2019 4:30:27 PM

mxb - 3/26/2018 8:43:37 PM
Martin Bech - 3/22/2018 2:17:24 PM
Radio button is great, but I miss the ATIS freq. The ATIS freq. is in the PLOG. Any reason to not having ATIS freq. under Radio Button?

What abount integrating this with Garmin SL40 protocol? In such case, in flight, the radio memory is kept up-to-date by SD automagically, so that you will have all the relevant frequencies for the flight surroundings ready to be used at any time (over than Garmin meny other radio implemet this feature, such Trig)

You're right: SL-40 is one of the most interesting and useful feature that almost all the most modern radio already implement. It is a pity that looks like it has not been considered to be included among the many SD feature (and it's lack is the main reason why I do not use SD, which is perfect for all the rest).