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Garmin Flightstream support -Flightplan export and AHRS

By wyullg - 10/9/2016 12:13:32 PM


I'd like to suggest support for Garmin's flightstream product in terms of outputting a flight plan and perhaps even AHRS data input. GNS 430/530s are everywhere in GA and GTN 650/750s are starting to appear now. This would certainly be a very useful, timesaving feature. I can also see good business reasons for it too.

Many thanks,
By hazlebury - 5/13/2019 6:42:41 PM

Helipaddy are about to release a Skydemon > Garmin flight plan converter app.  This takes a SkyDemon .flightplan file and opens it up in Garmin Pilot, so the whole process happens on mobile.  Then you send the Flightplan to your avionics in the cockpit with FlightStream.

Helipaddy have already released a feature that lets you store unlimited waypoints on Helipaddy for free.  You can then export these to Garmin Pilot, Garmin Aera, Garmin GTN series and SkyDemon.

Email for details.