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Proposal for new planning feature: Providing "Kreuzpeilung" in Pilot Log

By spoek - 9/15/2016 10:48:51 PM

Hi SD - Team,

at first I do not want to miss to say that you guys are doing a very good job! :-)

I just wanted to ask, if the it would be possible that the Pilot Log could also display in the RNav column more than just one VOR information? I mean, that this column should show a "Kreuzpeilung" (sorry, I do not know the term in English, but Google translate this as "cross bearing"?) of two radials of two different VORs, like e. g. COL 118 / TAU 257?

Or maybe by just right clicking / long touch on any point on the map shows an additional menu item in the context menu which provides such a "Kreuzpeilung"?

Thank you very much for your answer! :-)

Best regards!

PS: I believe Googles translation is right, because Wikipedia calls it "cross bearing", as well... :-D

By spoek - 9/16/2016 4:51:06 PM

Shifu - 9/16/2016 5:54:44 AM
In principle, you can already. Define the waypoint in question by the navigational aid radial and distance of the further away navigational aid, PLOG will then show the wanted information with RNAV column enabled.

HIDE (How I Do Example):
Stansted - DTY(085)/BKY(332) - Birmingham

Remark: a radial from a point on a sphere defines a great circle, two radials from two points define two intersection points = are not sufficient to define a unique waypoint.
Remark 2: Shouldn't this be in the Suggestions section?

Hi Shifu,

Ok, my mathematical knowledge is not so "experienced", I guess... :-)

I thought, I would be much easier to let Sky Demon do like the same what you are doing in your example:

1. Get coordinates from the point in question
2. Find some VORs around the that point within a radius of x nautic miles
3. Calculate something like an angel / vector between coordinates of point andthe coordinates of the VORs
4. Choose 2 VORs which angel (calculated from step 3) are the nearest to 90 degrees
     (This step maybe needed, because it could happen that two radials from two different VORs could be to near eachother, so that a cross               bearing would not be helpful?)

I hope you understand, what I mean... :-)

But thanks for your reply.

Best regards