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By Antoine - 9/1/2016 2:41:23 PM


I work on Raspberry Pi and ADS-B receivers to feed FR24 and Radarvirtuel and yesterday I discovered the Stratux project. I tested it with Foreflight and could see my local traffics Smile. But I'm flying in Europe and I love SD, is there a way to use Stratux signals with SD ? Or stratux's support can be added in addition of Flarm ?


By TouchTheSky - 2/9/2021 6:47:16 AM

177 - 2/8/2021 10:07:50 PM
TouchTheSky - 2/8/2021 6:41:16 PM
177 - 2/8/2021 6:30:20 PM
As far as I understand, Stratux DIY device is the best bang for your buck to get all of the traffic info from different sources. Is that correct? How it works with SkyDemon at this moment?

I works great, there are many folks out using this combination (including myself of course). Just recently an OGN transmission option has been introduced, the Wiki has been significantly updated as well:

Good to know that, thanks!
Can you give me a quick feedback on compatibility:
1) Is this correct Raspberry Pi
2) TTGO T-Beam 868Mhz M8N GPS
3) This RTL SDR
4) 868mhz and 1090 antenna

1) and 2) are ok
3) this SDR has more functionality than required and it is quite huge, I would recommend a Nooelec, e.g. a nano 2+ or nano 3
4) the 1090 antenna is also quite long, for 1090 a small antenna is enough

For further discussion as this is not SkyDemon related, I recommend our slack channel (#stratux-europe-edition):