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cannot login on anymore Mobiles

By rosdol - 5/24/2016 11:55:40 AM

Hi Tim,
as I teach Courses from time to time about SD usage I have the following Setup:
Privately I use a PC, a Samsung Tablet and a Samsung Phone for my flying pleasure.

When I give an SD course, I used to logg out on my pc and mobiles and log into the Classroom PC, a Samsung Tablet and an iPad which are all connected to a beamer.
When the Course was over I logged out every device and returned to my private Setup.
This worked all the time but now I seem to have a Problem - I cannot log back in into any of the mobiles - be it the Samsung phone or tablet or the iPad. I always get following error:
Communication error
"PROXYName Resolution failure" 
When I try to check validity of my Charts it Comes back with hte same error.
Interesting enough, when I log in on one of the PCs it works like a charm. (username:
I tried this on to different Networks / WLANs, they both have no Proxy defined an have`´t changed anything in the Network Setup.
Please Help thanx !!!
By Tim Dawson - 5/24/2016 1:44:37 PM

Sorry, this is obviously a local network issue and I don't think there's anything we would be able to do from the SkyDemon side. There is no general problem logging on to the SkyDemon service.